Furniture, interior design, kitchens, fireplaces, pools, lighting, outdoor facilities, colors, materials, and plants are only design suggestions of the architect and are not included in the purchase price. Visualizations in brochures, on homepages, other advertising material, and presentations only serve as an illustration and demonstration and are therefore not to be seen as binding or guaranteed characteristic.

Visualizations show optional extras that are subject to surcharges.

Indicated measurements and sizes on homepages and in brochures are without guarantee, no liability is accepted. Liability is only accepted for the accuracy of measurements in the approved building and implementation plans. These measurements are also to be seen as “approximate measurements” within the scope of the usual tolerances in construction. If living spaces were determined, these are determined from shell dimensions.

Depending on the spatial and floor plans, living space specifications, open plan specifications, and number of rooms can vary.

Provided floor plans are not reviewed design proposals and must be tested for technical and static feasibility before being implemented.

No liability is assumed for the correctness and completeness. This brochure is not part of the building specification of the notarial purchase contracts and also does not serve as an offer for giving up a purchase offer.